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The original name of the company was ENS S.L. established in Madrid on October 2006

From the beginning, the focus of the company was the search for excellence and quality, both with regard to the products we distribute and the service we offer to each client. That is why we always look for the best products and the best manufacturers or suppliers.

Adapting to the times and with the development of new technologies, in 2010 we launched several collaboration channels for online sales.

Over time, we have evolved towards the development of different lines of business. Thus, in 2018 we incorporated products for Labor Protection

At present, we constantly continue to develop new projects, products, services, all them aligned with the demand of the market and our clients (such as compostable products that respect the environment and promotional items) but always respecting the vision, the DNA of the company and the principles that have guided us since our beginnings.

We have a suppliers’ wide network and an ideal infrastructure permitting to cover all the needs of our clients, establishing narrow relations with each of them. We believe that the success not only takes root in the knowledge of the markets in which we are present but also in having a great team of people who works with us and make it possible.

Our company is deeply involved in Commodity Trading. More than 15+ years in Commodity Trading Industry and the satisfaction of hundreds of clients are the result of our continous work. We are providing high quality commodities to a wide range of clients worldwide.

Our industry knowledge allows us to work effectively and efficiently with all of our Supplier, Distributor, Customer & Trading Networks. Your company is going to establish a successful and long-term relationship with one of the top Commodity Trading companies in Europe.